Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Truth Behind Supermom; An Introduction

 I have been asked repeatedly what my blog is. People seem surprised I don't have one. I'm a stay at home mom of 5 kids, 2 of which have Autism. It seems the greater majority of parents of autistic children have a blog as an outlet.

 I've had a passion for writing for some time. Since I was a child I have wanted to be an author and gain an income through the written word. Friends and family who I have jotted down bits of this and that for, have been pushing me, go go go! But I start to send out query letters, start to make submissions here and there, try to start writing and... just run out of gas.

 One of my favorite bloggers, TheThriftyMama, on FB in her latest blog (http://www.thethriftymama.com/2011/07/lose-job.html) Seemed to be a nudge in this direction. She supports her whole family using her blog. Why can't I?

 A site for families with Autism was looking for people to interview (http://funandfunction.com/blog/index.php) I sent them an e-mail and one of the interview questions is "What is your blog"

 I've recently joined a site called Crowdtap (http://crowdtap.com). One of their contests at the moment is who can share the most interesting blog post about them, and their experience with the site. Well here goes; You made me start a blog.

 You all have. Ask and ye shall receive, I suppose.

 I just hope you don't regret it.

 We love comments! :)