Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Act of Juggling.

I'm in a sort of limbo, currently. I'm torn between feeling I am doing well and excelling, to feeling like I am stumbling and failing. So far, my Scentsy starter party is at near $200 for sales. I have about 4 days to make another $300. That's not a lot in orders, but it is tough to convince people to buy. -I- think it's awesome and worth it, but not everyone in the world shares my outlook, does they, Precious?

 On the Avon front, I am creeping up on $300, which is my credit limit for my orders. They will extend more credit but that's dependent on a deposit etc. Fortunately about 1/3rd of my orders have been made online so that gives me a little more leeway. I WANT to hit $300 for in person orders. That will put me at near $1,000 in sales for the last 2 weeks. Boy, that's a high number to be raking in ontop of all my other duties.

 Sales strategy is, Tomorrow, Farmers Market. Hit up a few neighbors along the way, as well as some others I talked to before, that showed some interest. If I can land just a couple more scentsy sales, I could make up the difference if I need to. After the Farmers Market, hit the bank to start my new account for my business sales. Try to interest a few of the bankers in my wares as I go. You have a goodly amount of time while sitting there to draw people in. Worst case scenario, they don't bite.

 Wednesday is a play group. Maybe I can get some sales, maybe I can get some recruits. Both are good. I can't recruit for Scentsy until I actually sign on, but hey, I can start putting out some feelers. Maybe book a party or two. If nothing else, the kids get to play and I get to socialize. Not bad, right?

 Thursday and Friday I have yet to plan. I'll come up with something, but I have to hit the sales hard and fast. I REFUSE to fail. I feel that, THAT, is stronger than a determination to succeed. It's always served me well before. I am SO excited to be doing this. I have a strong drive to succeed and I feel that it's changing me as a person, for the better.

 Long term, I'm looking for places I could set up a sales booth for the Christmas season. There must be something somewhere nearby I can manage to get into. Another plan is to find some local area non-profit that needs some fund raising. I supply all the necessary tools and they do the run around. I get new clients out of it, as well as maybe about 5% of the sales left over after I cover my own overhead. A friend of mine that owns her own preschool asked me to donate some products for her fundraiser, so I'm good to go for that.

 On top of being of mixed emotions on my professional front, I'm feeling rather down on my mothering atm. My children are picky and refuse to eat. They make such lovely lovely messes that I couldn't keep up with before starting my self employment, so keeping up now, is a tad bit trickier. I do find that when I leave the house I feel more refreshed and able to come back to the housework.... But there just aren't enough hours in the day!

 Sierra and Theresa are doing well in our attempts to civilize them. Could be better, but every inch is ground gained. Danielle was sick tonight That may throw a wrench into the gears of my plans for tomorrow, but hopefully she'll be better in the morning *crosses fingers. Natalie is still awake, but... maybe with a bottle in a minute she'll go to sleep.... again, wish me luck. Rhianna did a number on my room before bed, but... blaaaaah

 After all this typing I have suddenly remembered why I am still up at this miserable hour. My sheets have been in the wash. With any luck they are dry now and you shall all be spared any further torture from my ramblings.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some days

Some days are just a little harder than others. Today was one of those days.

For some reason, I've been a little on edge the last few days anyways, but today was a bit worse. It would have been rough even if everything had been simple and smooth running. But, it really wasn't so... yeah!

 The usual suspects were up to their usual trick. Sierra and Theresa not eating due to autism induced pickyness. Pancake mix thrown about in the baby's room. Vegetable oil being poured into cereal bowls, and, had I not been quick, elsewhere as well. Children refusing to stay dressed, the bathroom being forgotten in favor of other places. Tantrums. Messes. The ever present need and asking for things that children can't seem to get away from. Very little cleaning was accomplished.

 The evening was about the same to start. Sierra filled the waffle iron with something that took all the seasoning out of it. The waffles stuck to it, the eggs and bacon burned, children underfoot, more spills, Danielle fussing because she'd skinned her elbow and that she'd gotten less cheetos than everyone else, burning myself... finally, after the last straw broke the camels back... I turned off everything in the kitchen and shut myself in my room for 5 minutes. I played a few rounds of my facebook games then felt a bit better so with a renewed spirit attempted to reenter the kitchen and try again at dinner.

 My bathroom sink was ripped off the wall and laying on the floor with both hot and cold at full tilt.

 At this point, I can be quite certain some of you are amused. I would be amused had it not been me. That mix of half amusement and half shock, but then you laugh and it gets funnier.

 I could not think of a way to clean up the gallons and gallons of water that had poured into the bathroom, kitchen, and down the stairs. I was forced to resort to the carpet cleaner. Which set off Theresa because she can't stand the noise.

 There really were gallons and gallons of water on the floor. I lost count of how many times I had to empty the bucket. But in the end, it was put back to order.

 I fell asleep for about an hour across the foot of my bed while 4 of my 5 children drifted off to sleep at the head of the bed. They are all now safely tucked into their beds, compliments of my husband... for which I am quite grateful

 Now I can not recall what the point of this post was.

 Ah well. Hope someone got some enjoyment out of it.