Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodness but how I have been busy! It never rains but it pours as they always say. I've got some fun stuff for everyone who reads (or doesn't, as the case may be) that I think everyone should check out! 

 I've just recently started selling Avon. It's slow going but it could be worse for sure! Want to check it out? Here's a link!

 I've started listing stuff on Listia, and I'm trying to accumulate a few christmas gifts here and there for my little ones from there. Christmas shopping on pocket change! I should make a blog after the holidays to share a tally of how I've done :) Check out Listia @   

 Swagbucks is another I am checking out. I've just started but I've heard good things about it from people. Not sure if it's worth the effort and time for the output but hey, I can update more later!

 I'm also planning a Scentsy party! I won a scentsy warmer, plug-in sized, and 4 bars... actually 2 warmers but I sent the other one off to a good friend as she had been obsessed with winning it and I wanted her to have it. I ADORE my scentsy warmer. If you're reading this and are interested in ordering, let me know! I'll have an online link to my party up on here soon :) I will also be collecting the Autism speaks warmer for running the party and if I make enough on the whole thing, I get to become a full time seller with my kit paid for. The kits are pretty cool. wooo, can you tell I'm obsessed with the way I am rambling on?

Danielle started school this week and the younger two will be starting monday. It will be nice to have that routine back! I can finally clean my carpets and everything else, for that matter WITHOUT my noisy little fury tornadoes running through! A good friend has given me a portable dishwasher. omg. I will be saved for sure! Not only will it save me time in washing dishes, but I can get the dishwasher soap tab things instead of having my autistic monkeys dumping botlled dish soap into the carpet. If any of my (nonexistant) readers have autistic children with similar issues; you might want to consider it because the cost of soap will be dramatically cut by this. Maybe enough to even pay for the dishwasher.

 Oh man, it's late, I am tired, and... I have to be up in the morning. Less than 6 hours. Why do I always do this to myself?

 Goodnight world! 


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