Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Money making for the stay at home mom.

Being a stay at home mom, and as I have mentioned before, I have a need to bring in an income of my own. With 5 children, 2 being special needs, it is rather out of the question for me to get a 9-5... or really any other job.

 I've spent a lot of time looking for ways to make money. I've poured over free sample sites trying to get a few things here and there that can help cut costs. Every little bit helps, right? I've tried multiple survey sites but they always have a minimum of $20 to cash out, and it seems I am never qualified for their surveys. So on and on I search. My idea of an in home costuming business hasn't gone far. I've had a few commissions but nothing much.

 So I started looking into in home sales and distributions, such as Scentsy, Avon, Discovery Toys, Mark, and It Works. Now I must say, It Works looks like something pretty awesome. A lot of people are skeptical though, and there isn't a lot to their catalog. I was fairly certain I wanted to try selling Scentsy, but their $100 starter package kind of defeats my purpose. If I had the money to get it started, I likely wouldn't be trying so hard to do so.

 A friend let me in on a secret. Right now Avon has a no fee start up. I must say, I am pretty excited, and jumped at the chance. I'm really curious as to where it's going to go. I've also come upon a great deal where a current rep for Scentsy will send me what I need to run a party and see what I can do with it. If I sell more than $500 in merchandise, she'll pay for my start up kit. Pretty nifty, eh? I'm really curious where that will go as well. I'll keep everyone updated as I go :)

 All that said, I am still open to money making ideas in home. Who has some?

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